New Trend in Korea because of COVID

COVID19 has changed the way we live and think. We are going into a phase of the “new normal”. It was inevitable that COVID19 pandemic has had a substantial impact on the packaged food, consumer health and beauty and personal care industries. Let’s take a look at the new trends that are changing our life-style.

Changes in shopping behavior

Huge increase in online grocery shopping since the outbreak of COVID-19 and for online grocery platforms, such as Coupang and Market Kurly, have increased by approximately 92.5% compared to Q1 2019, according to the Ministry of Trade. Since these companies provide delivery services from dawn, consumers who make an order by around 11:00pm on the previous day will receive their daily food necessities early in the morning, without having to visit grocery stores physically. This type of trend will definitely stay as people have realized you can save time and money and order your groceries just about anywhere anytime.

Convenience of dining at home

Convenient dining during COVID-19 has contributed to the growth of home dining, leading to a rapid rise in the use of food delivery services. Baemin, a food order app company has grown exponentially. In addition, hotel buffets, such as JW Marriott, Lotte and Westin Chosun, which did not provide delivery or lunch-type services previously, have begun to offer a “to-go” service option, which enables ordered food to be picked up at the front of the hotel.

Popularization of single servings 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, office workers and students have to stay at home. The burden on those who cook at the home has increased. Therefore, large domestic food companies, such as CJ Bibigo or Dongwon, have provided a variety of food products. They offer convenient meals at home, ranging from family packages to single-person packages. My personal favorite is Mandu from Bibigo.

Digital life 

In the wake of COVID-19, the home is no longer just a residence. It is now an office, a school, a restaurant and a place where people can relax. For this reason, interest in interior products has increased significantly, and such products (desks, chairs, etc) can now be purchased through mobile apps. “Today’s House” is a platform that provides a variety of interior products at affordable prices. 

Lifestyle changing 

Face masks have become an essential item to minimize infection. Masks are now not possible to board any public transportation without a face mask. Consequently, mask related products are continuously coming out to market after covid. Filter products that leave less make-up on masks and functional masks that focus on ventilation in summer.

Home training 

Since one of the COVID-19 “super spreader” cases was linked to a Zumba class, people now rarely go to sports center for yoga, Pilates, gym, CrossFit, etc. One of the alternatives is to turn to home training videos on YouTube or exercise apps. Also increase in home training equipment has increased in sale where people can conveniently workout at home without the risk of getting infected.

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