Korean Toothpaste – 5 kinds you should know

Recently, Korean toothpaste has become very popular thanks to K-drama and K-beauty. If you plan to travel to South Korea during this covid situation, this blog might help you out: How to Visit South Korea in 2022

People are visiting Korea for various reasons, medical treatments like one-day teeth alignment procedure, plastic surgery, hair transplant, etc is definitely one of the most popular reasons, skin care programs or products are famous, for sure. Now people start to realize that little things that we use every day make a big difference. Toothpaste is a great example of that so you should try various types to find the one that works for you. 

Colgate may be the most popular brand in North America when it comes to toothpaste; however, Korea offers a lot more brands of toothpaste. We know that a top English-speaking dentist in Korea like Minish tends to recommend to use various types and flavors of toothpaste as they offer different functions and aftertaste. 

Image of Rucipello

Rucipello Korean Toothpaste

They emphasize on carefully selecting their ingredients and they are more on the expensive side as they have carefully selected their distribution channel only offering to places like department stores, duty free and few selected retail shops. You can get it from Olive Young at a reasonable price when they offer promotions such as buy one get one free. This Korean toothpaste offers long lasting mint flavour in your mouth and this is one of my personal favourite. 

Image of Dental Clinic 2080 Korean toothpaste

Dental Clinic 2080 Korean Toothpaste

If US is dominated by Colgate, Korea has Dental Clinic 2080. You can basically buy this toothpaste from supermarkets, 24/7 convenient stores or drug stores easily. Probably because of the nice flavour and reasonable price, this brand grew as a popular and common brand for adults and kids. There are also ginger oil or several different herb flavour options you can choose. They perform just well enough as any other general American toothpaste brands, you won’t really be wrong with Dental Clinic 2080.

Image of LG Perioe Korean toothpaste

LG Perioe Total 7

Perioe is the total care brand for Korean oral health which provides wide range of products such as toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash and whitening products. They have been around since 1981 and the name Perioe originated from periodontal. LG Perioe will be the best option for you if you want a toothpaste like Colgate or Aquafresh. They have all the basic effects like removing plagues, preventing cavity, helping gum health.

Image of pink salt korean toothpaste

Bamboo Salt Himalaya Pink Salt Toothpaste from LG

This toothpaste became really popular recently among Koreans. This toothpaste is enriched with Himalayan pink salt that keeps the teeth white and healthy as well as maintaining oral hygiene. Himalayan pink salt contains various minerals, which help control of pH balance. This toothpaste has a long lasting minty scent. This toothpaste is a bit more expensive than other regular toothpaste as it contains Himalayan pink salt.

Image of Median toothpaste

Median Dental Care IQ 93%

Median Dental Care IQ product tastes a bit different than general min flavour. They perform similar to other products listed above, but something uniqueness regarding to taste is there to let you feel differently. They usually do so many promotions in different stores like buying one getting another one free, so I will never buy it as original price without any discount. So please check out online and offline stores, typically Olive Young if you are in Korea since they have English version of website for English speakers. https://global.oliveyoung.com/

As you are well aware, toothbrushing is just way of protecting those teeth of yours. Another is making sure you have regular visits to a leading English-speaking dentist in Korea, such as Minish. Be sure to schedule with them soon for at least some preventative care and not just when you wake up with a toothache!

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